For fifteen years RP Dental has been a leading company providing the support and services for medical devices involving trauma and orthopedic surgeries. Our main objective is to import, distribute, and market surgical and dental products. 

Below we briefly describe our products based on suppliers:

Mondeal, a German company, is our main supplier in the maxillofacial surgeries, alveolar distraction osteogenesis, hand surgeries, and also other procedures. From this provider we also get orthodontic implants. Along with this we have titanium splints, pins, and everything related with oral anchorage traumas. 

Samo, an Italian supplier handles joint replacement surgeries for hips and knees. For hips we offers cemented/uncemented implants, ceramic implants, and others. As for knees we handle cemented tibial replacements and femoral components with fixed and mobil plates. 

Mozo Grau, a Spanish company, manufactures dental implants with internal/external tapered shaped connections and a full range of platform diameters for oral rehabilitation. 

Another German supplier, Botiss, offers everything related to bone grafts and collagen membranes for bone regeneration. It deals mainly in porcine products offered for particulate bone grafts in blocks and paste with absorbable collagen membranes made for guided bone/tissue regeneration. 

Another bone regeneration supplier of ours is Ceramisys, an English company. Its products focus primarily in the orthopedics field. Its main developments are based on the production of innovative biomaterials and medical implants of synthetic origin offered in granular form in different shapes and pastes. 

For cosmetic surgery, we have an the American supplier Implantech. This company offers facial implants and over two hundred implant shapes and sizes, both silicone and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). It also offers implants manufactured to fit each patient by a 3D Accuscan program to more precisely fit the facial construct of an individual patient. 

Another company especialized in fitted manufactured implants is the German company 3DI with over 13 years of experience in this field. They offer products designed to fit exact measurements for precise and functional uses tailored to each client. The personalized implants are offered in various materials such as: Peek-Optima, Bioverit II, titanium and silicone.

Others suppliers:

Osteomed, an American company that specializes in small bone reconstruction trauma. This supplier gives us neurosurgery systems, osteogenic distractors and cannulated screw systems.

Waston, which is a joint venture between China and Japan offer alternatives in the area of orthopedics for joint replacements of long bones.

To offer our customers high quality products and services in order to improve their quality of life. To achieve this, we have a qualified dynamic and committed team dedicated to our clients needs. 



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